SSI utilizes an advisory council to facilitate the decision making process as it pertains to course policy, curriculum development and the development of refined industry standards. The SSI advisory council consists of long-time industry professionals with highly developed backgrounds in curriculum development, recreational policy, experiential education as well as outdoor industry law.

Eric Riley, B.S. Recreation and Outdoor Leadership

An Idaho native, Eric has spent the last 20 teaching swiftwater and guiding on the waters of  Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, Utah and Wyoming. A wilderness medicine instructor for Desert Mountain Medicine for 10 years, Eric has also worked as a professional ski patroller, backcountry ski guide, EMT, Technical Rescue Team member, and instructor trainer for various rescue agencies and programs across the U.S.. Eric has taught everyone from professional search and rescue organizations to river guides, as well as public service sector agencies and military special operations in tactical river rescue and evacuation response. Eric is the founder of the Swiftwater Safety Institute and a master instructor in swift water rescue, high-angle rope rigging, and swift water rescue boat operations. Eric has worked and instructed in Zambia, Chile, India, Bhutan, Nepal, New Zealand and Australia, and is also an Advanced Life Support instructor for Global Bear Protection and instructor for ExMed, offering global medical services and consultation.

Jerry McMurtry, Ph.D. Colorado State

Jerry spent 16 years as a commercial river guide in Colorado, Utah, Montana and Idaho. Jerry has served as a professor at the University of Idaho for 15 years in Human Resource Development and Education. When not coaching the University of Idaho Ski Team or serving as Associate Dean of The College of Graduate Studies, Jerry still actively river guides for the University of Idaho Outdoor Program. Jerry’s professional career has led him to serve as a consultant to various agencies and states in organizational development and change. Completing over 20 research projects and having published numerous articles related to education and training of adult learners and organization change, Jerry’s insight has been paramount to the direction of SSI.


Leah Corrigan

Leah Corrigan, J.D.  University of Montana

Leah spent 13 years as commercial river guide, working primarily in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. She now practices law in Jackson, Wyoming, with the firm Lubing & Corrigan, LLC, focusing primarily on recreation defense. Leah represents outdoor professionals – river guides, ski patrol, and outfitters – in lawsuits brought against their companies. When she is not in a courtroom, she teaches risk management courses for outdoor professionals, helping them and their employers learn how to manage the ever-present risk of litigation. She also speaks at various events and conferences on recreation law and risk management.

Scott Solle

Scott Solle, Owner of Sol Gear – Industry Professional

Scott began professional river guiding in Moab, UT in 1995 on the Colorado River at the age of 19.  River running became a passion, and guiding took him to Alaska where he was introduced to swift water Rescue in 1997.  Interested not only river running but also river rescue led to an advanced swift water class and he soon turned his eyes towards teaching river rescue.  Scott began his instructional career in 1999. To become a better rescue professional, Scott worked as an EMT for 8 years and spent a decade with the Alta Ski Patrol performing first aid, avalanche mitigation and avalanche rescue.  Scott’s enthusiasm for instructing led him to teach rope rescue, CPR, and Outdoor Emergency Care.  In 2001 his interest in the river industry led him to start producing river products and today Scott has a store front in Moab where he owns and manufactures a line of river gear called Solgear.  2014 was the start of his association with the Swiftwater Safety Institute where he continues to learn new technique as an instructor and as a student of the river.  He continues to guide professionally in the Moab area where his home is located and assist in rescues around the area as needed.

Gerry Moffatt:  Co-Founder, Thunder Dragon Fund

A Scottish native, Gerry is an internationally- acclaimed expedition kayaker and has spent 35 years guiding in the Himalayas and around the world. National Geographic considers Gerry to be “the most experienced river guide in the Himalayas”. He is the first person to descend all the major rivers in Nepal and Bhutan. In addition to river-based explorations, the last three decades have taken Gerry to some of the world’s most remote places as a cameraman and on- camera personality for dozens of documentary films and television features for Atlantic Productions UK, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Outdoor TV, and the Travel Channel. As a professional cameraman, Gerry has summited Everest twice from both the North and South Cols. As an athlete, Gerry’s been featured by Men’s Journal, National Geographic, Red Bull Media, Discovery Channel and Outside. Gerry was recently appointed Nepal’s first International Goodwill Ambassador for Adventure Travel & Tourism.