SSI certification cards are internationally recognized. As a known industry trainer, SSI is commonly called upon to train federal government agencies such as the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service and various disaster relief groups. We train divisions of the U.S. military special forces as well as police and fire departments. SSI also works closely with various international governments in creating training standards and response programs in those countries.

Your certification card will be issued by the Swiftwater Safety Institute in electronic format to the e-mail you provided upon registration. If you need to obtain a copy of your certification, please Log In to your account.

SSI Certification/Verification Cards:

Certificate of Course Completion – For professional rescuers, complete with an expiration date.
Verification of Swiftwater Training – For recreational river users or specialty training, no expiration date.

Recertification is as easy as deciding which class is best for you (see recertification guidelines and options below.) The PRO-I and PRO-II courses are designed to either recertify the professional rescuer or offer advanced training.

SSI offers two distinct courses for recertification/advancement:

1. PRO-I Course

ONLINE MODULE: Yes – Required


MINIMUM AGEE: 16 with parental consent – 15 with a parent also participating

CERTIFICATION: Up to 3 years



  1. Proficient swimmer
  2. Physically capable
  3. Desire to learn
  4. All of the necessary PPE
  5. Meet all Essential Eligibility Criteria

2. PRO-II Course

This course is designed and taught to professionals that work in or around swift water, and have previously taken a PRO-I level course or equivalent. We leave some simple skills behind for more advanced training. Advanced level core competencies will be covered including the potential for moderate angle rescue work and advanced level rope systems. A practical examination will be given on morning one and then we will get directly in the river. There will be no formal classroom time allocated for the delivery of theory in this course, and this course will cover some previous skills and many new skills along with practical field application. This is the second of the course offerings in the PRO track, and works both as a recertification and advanced training course.

ONLINE MODULE: Yes – Required



CERTIFICATION: Up to 3 years


  1. Students must be physically capable and have a desire to learn
  2. Pass online training with a minimum 80%
  3. A previous PRO-I  training course or equivalent
  4. Level 4 and 5 ACA Lifetime swiftwater training will be allowed to participate if no more than 4 years from your ACA training date
  5. All of the necessary PPE (There are additional PPE requirements found in the column on the right)
  6. Meet all Essential Eligibility Criteria

All SSI cards, regardless of certified training or not, will be issued electronically via the e-mail you provided during registration.


Up to a 3 year internationally recognized SSI certification card will be presented after successful completion of certified training. On occasion, it may be deemed by your instructor that a one or two year certification is more appropriate based on practical skills evaluations. This will be outlined in the SSI Core Competencies evaluation and clearly explained to the student.


You will be presented with an SSI training card that validates your dates of training, but carries no expiration. Validations are only available for non-certified recreational training or specialty training courses such as the REC-I, Swiftwater Boat Operator, and Packrafting Paddling Courses.

Full payment is necessary to secure your space for every course offering if you register through the SSI website payment portal.

For current Refund Policy details, click HERE.

Students must be inadequate physical condition and be able to demonstrate basic swimming ability.

See Essential Eligibility Criteria for all requirements.