PRO-II (Schedule Link)


This advanced swiftwater rescue course is designed and taught to professionals that work in or around swiftwater, and have previously taken a PRO-I level course or equivalent. We leave some simple skills behind for more advanced training. Advanced level core competencies will be covered, including the potential for moderate angle rescue work and advanced level rope systems. A practical examination will be given on morning one and then we will get directly in the river. There will be no formal classroom time allocated for the delivery of this course, and this course will cover some previous skills and many new skills along with practical field application. This is the second of the course offerings in the PRO track.

ONLINE MODULE: Yes, 2 hours of required online training.


CERTIFICATION: Up to 3 years


  1. Students must be physically capable and have a desire to learn
  2. Pass online training with a minimum 80%
  3. A previous PRO-I  training course or equivalent
  4. Level 4 and 5 ACA Lifetime swiftwater training will be allowed to participate if no more than 4 years from your ACA training date
  5. All of the necessary PPE (There are additional PPE requirements found in the column on the right)
  6. Meet all Essential Eligibility Criteria


You are only able to consider this course if you have previously taken a PRO-I course from SSI or an equivalent from an SSI approved course provider. This course is very fast paced, has a different set of PPE requirements, will challenge all students to work in groups and complete complex tasks, as well as be responsible for personal risk management and fast paced decision making. You will be tested on morning one in your ability to set up: a 3:1 mechanical advantage system, a multi-point shore and boat based self equalizing anchor, two accurate throw bag deployments at 50′ in 20 seconds, and all common swiftwater knots (Family of Eights, Bowline, Butterfly, Water Knot, Clove Hitch, Girth Hitch, and 3 Wrap Prusik). Many of these skills will be available for review in your online component so you will have the tools necessary to complete the practical evaluations.

Please come prepared to enter the water directly after the practical testing on the first morning and be challenged by multiple scenarios. The scenarios will be challenging and require effort, decision-making, and a hardened skill-set in order to be successful. We will introduce different rope systems and it is imperative that you come prepared with the basic knowledge of an PRO-I course or equivalent. The instructors are there to create challenging scenarios and create group cohesion.

It’s going to be challenging, comprehensive and fast-paced. There simply is not enough time in this fast-paced course to re-teach all objectives learned in an PRO-I. If you are in need of a review of basic core concepts, feel like this might not be what you are looking for, or can’t meet the PPE requirements, you should consider the PRO-I Course as a refresher. Feel free to contact us with questions.


The PRO-II will be delivered in a 2 day, 18 hour format.


Upon registration and payment, you will be automatically enrolled in the online training, and the online training will be accessible immediately.


Each module will be followed by a module exam, and you will be able to retake each exam as many times as necessary. You must pass each exam with a minimum score of 80% in order to gain access to the next module. You can start and stop at any time and your progress will be saved. This is how SSI eliminates the formal classroom component, yet still provides you with the training necessary to train at the professional level.


After you have successfully completed the online training and passed with an average score of no less than 80%, you will be allowed to attend the field training portion. There will be no further written examination in this PRO-II training, however you will have to satisfy a practical evaluation administered by your instructor in the field on day one. These are required components for the certification validation of a PRO-II course.


Internationally recognized 3 year Swiftwater Rescue Training (PRO-II ) Certification of Course Completion – with satisfactory practical and written skills evaluations.


Simply because you registered for a PRO-II doesn’t guarantee you will receive a certification of course completion for an PRO-II. If you are not proficient with all of the listed core competencies at the termination of the training, the instructor may recommend you for a PRO-I Recertification. The length of your expiration date may also be between 1 and 3 years based on your proficiency. Your instructor will talk you through the decision they have made, and give objective reasoning for their decision based on the core competencies outlined. Regardless, you will gain an immense level of advanced training and  practical application in this course.

Our goal is to give the best training available, and hold our students to the highest standards. If you are undecided between the PRO-I and the PRO-II, please contact us.

Communication in Swiftwater Snow Water Rescue Rope Across River Advanced Safety

PRO-II Learning Objectives

  • 5:1, 7:1 M.A.
  • Poldo tackle with retrieve
  • Tensioned diagonal with optional retrieve
  • Hasty tensioned diagonal
  • Moderate slope access and extrication
  • In-water cut-outs
  • Live bait
  • Double-shore foot entrapment
  • Anchor loading analysis
  • GAR Risk Calculations
  • Operational Stress Guide

PRO-II PPE Requirements:

  • Drysuit
  • Type V PFD with a rescue release belt
  • Waist throw bag
  • One hand accessible knife
  • Whistle
  • 4 meters of 1″ (25mm) tubular nylon webbing for a harness
  • Hardware for a 3:1 M.A. system on your person
  • Proper helmet, footwear, and thermal layers

Additional Modules:

  • Moderate angle raise / lower
  • Box Cinch
  • V-lower with optional tag lines
  • Tethered craft rescue
  • Tyrollean traverse
  • Swiss seat + optional chest harness
  • Stainer access and considerations