This course is designed primarily to benefit specific rescue agencies that may be deployed to a surface water rescue. There will be an emphasis on high angle rigging fundamentals concurrent with mountain rescue techniques, but we will also explore options to access subjects on the river, or to move rescue teams across the water safely. Built on the fundamental of the Rigging For Rescue platform, we have adapted techniques that may be specific and beneficial to a vertical water rescue application. Even technical rescue teams may not have the proper training to safely and securely execute an above-water-rescue because there is now another variable, moving water. Rescuers may be exposed to additional hazards because of this element.

Each day will be a combination of lectures, applications and practical hands-on field sessions. We aim to create a very dynamic training environment while simultaneously tailoring our course to fit the needs of your agency. This course may vary in length depending on your agencies needs, and we prefer to travel to teach this in your area of response. Typical course length would be 5 days, but we are able to teach very specific components in less time. This may be a situation where your team already has the fundamentals of rigging complete, but require evolutions on tyrollean’s or Kootenai high lines in order to be proficient. This course is not offered ever year.



CERTIFICATION: Verification of Course Completion


  1. Proficient swimmer
  2. Physically capable
  3. Desire to learn
  4. Previous PRO-I or equivalent course
  5. All of the necessary PPE
  6. Meet all Essential Eligibility Criteria

We will likely be crossing moving water, swimming, etc. You must be current in your certification because we leave the simple river skills behind. This is a technical level rope rigging course.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: PPE will vary depending on the course site, but your instructor will provide a comprehensive list.

All courses are custom, and the agency must host SSI for this training. For more info, and for a custom quote, please contact us.


We specialize in custom trainings. The verification of training attained in this course will be dependent on the scope, hours and detail of the training.

Rigging For River Rescue

Learning Objectives

  • Command and communication
  • Cordage properties
  • Knots
  • Personal rigging
  • Inspections
  • Anchor systems analysis
  • Multi point anchors
  • Main line package
  • Belay package
  • Edge package
  • Rescue / patient package
  • Pulley systems / M.A.
  • T-method for pulley systems
  • Highline application and consideration